Conversion Facility – Post Press

- adding the magical touch!

Our Conversion line is equipped with state-of-the-art Post Press equipment. We add the magical touch to final prints by way of introducing special effects like Hi-quality Lamination, UV Varnishing / Coating, Foil Stamping, Folding & precise Window Patching.


  1. Auto Laminating Machine – for high quality lamination on wide range of paper & paper boards
  2. Folding Machine – for precision folding
  3. UV Varnishing Machine – for wide range of coating requirements
  4. Fully Automatic Window Patching Machine – for hi-precision & hi-speed window patching operation

Our Conversion facility is equipped with best-in-class Finishing equipment. We add the finishing touch to the final print by way of hi-precision punching, stripping, blanking & pasting. These hi-speed converting lines enable us in faster turn-around time of high volume – quality printed cartons.


  1. BOBST Punching Machine – for accurate punching
  2. BOBST Nova cut – for hi-precision punching, stripping & blanking
  3. BOBST Pasting Machine – for automated 4 – 6 corner Pasting with In-line Braille Embossing
  4. Baumer HHS Code Reader & ULT System – for automatic detection & ejection of defective cartons
Mirus Lamination Machine_w_cmyk

Lamination Machine


Folding Machine_org cmyk

Folding Machine


UV Varnishing Machine_org_cmyk

UV Varnishing Machine


Window Pasting Machine_org_1_cmyk

Window Patching Machine


Punching Machine_org

BOBST – Punching Machine


NOVACUT 106 ER_20942_cmyk

BOBST Novacut – Punching, Stripping & Blanking Machine


Bobst pasting machine_cmyk

BOBST – Pasting Machine

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